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Florida – The Sunshine State

In the very southern tip of the east coast of the United States is the state of Florida – known as the “Pan Handle” due to its shape – the only contiguous state in the tropics, and home to more attractions than you can visit in a lifetime.

Named “Florida” due to its abundance of flowers, the state is ideal for unforgettable holidays in the sun. Disney World in its city of Orlando is among the most popular theme parks in the world. The popular TripAdvisor website lists more than 4,000 hotels in over 300 destinations in the state. TripAdvisor also lists more than 10,000 attractions and as many as 45,000 restaurants. These statistics alone give you an indication as to the staggering scale of Florida’s popularity as a holiday location.

Florida’s attractions range from natural (e.g. the Florida Everglades) to the man-made (e.g. its many theme parks) and everything in between. From beach holidays to adventures into the wilderness to luxury hotel stays at Disney World, Florida has it all.

Florida is not just about parties on the beach and having a great time in its many amusement parks. Complementing the modern-day draws is the rich history and diverse culture of the state and its many cities. Museums, Art Galleries, Opera Houses, Theatres, Music Halls, and historic landmarks are aplenty in the “Peninsula State”.

TripAdvisor states the following as Florida’s 10 most popular destinations:

01. Orlando

With more theme parks than any other city in the United States, Orlando’s position at number 1 on this list is indisputable. Walt Disney World, the Magic Kingdom, and Sea World are among its most visited amusement parks.

Total Number of Attractions: 449

Total Number of Hotels: 343

Total Number of Restaurants: 3,122

02. Kissimmee

Although Kissimmee is just a short drive from Walt Disney World, it has its own charm, and attractions for the whole family. Go on an air boat ride across the swamp, pluck ripe oranges in a grove, or take an educational trip to its famous museums.

Total Number of Attractions: 117

Total Number of Hotels: 158

Total Number of Restaurants: 651

03. Miami

Miami is a buzzing, vibrant city that is famous for being a global centre of fashion. A city with a distinctively Latin-American flavour, the party never stops in Miami. While its beach might get a lot of the attention (see #5 below), Miami has so many attractions for every traveller.

Total Number of Attractions: 431

Total Number of Hotels: 440

Total Number of Restaurants: 3625

04. Davenport

Although mainly known for its close proximity to Orlando’s theme parks, the city of Davenport has many activities and attractions to offer the avid traveller. Go on a nature trail or make a stop at its many famous bars and shopping centres.

Total Number of Attractions: 10

Total Number of Hotels: 31

Total Number of Restaurants: 72

05. Miami Beach

This is a beach so popular that it gets its own entry on this list. Perhaps the most popular beach in the eastern United States, the white sandy beach, the warm ocean water, and the blazing sun above make it the perfect spot for you to soak up the sun or have fun on the beach. It’s all up to you.

Total Number of Attractions: 250

Total Number of Hotels: 200

Total Number of Restaurants: 843

06. Tampa

Many miles of coast, white sandy beaches, and a laid back environment (at least in comparison to the razzle-dazzle of Miami) makes Tampa an ideal location for a beach holiday. But why stop there? Tampa’s many attractions include zoos and aquariums as well as historical sites galore.

Total Number of Attractions: 268

Total Number of Hotels: 178

Total Number of Restaurants: 1973

07. Destin

Destin is a city in Florida’s Emerald Coast – so named due to its emerald-green waters. The city is ideal for a family beach holiday, as its beaches are filled with fine white sand. The hotels are highly rated in this friendly city, and adds to an overall pleasing experience.

Total Number of Attractions: 160

Total Number of Hotels: 101

Total Number of Restaurants: 237

08. Jacksonville

Although mostly an urban metropolis, Jacksonville holds a few surprises for travellers. Home to a few nature and wildlife reserves, historical residential neighbourhoods and a variety of golf courses, Jacksonville is the perfect combination of a big modern city, Mother Nature, and history.

Total Number of Attractions: 197

Total Number of Hotels: 149

Total Number of Restaurants: 1747

09. Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach is a favoured vacation spot for its distinct white sand, warm waters, and its many attractions – the most famous of which is the Shipwreck Island amusement park. The city is also famous for its many golf courses and adventure activities.

Total Number of Attractions: 152

Total Number of Hotels: 125

Total Number of Restaurants: 340

10. Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is a city famous for its canals as well as its magnificent beach, sunny days throughout the year, warm climate, great shopping, nightlife, and dining experiences. Hire a boat and take a tour of the canals, soak up the sun, or go for a long walk on the beach; the choice is yours.

Total Number of Attractions: 264

Total Number of Hotels: 133

Total Number of Restaurants: 1112

Florida has something for everyone. It is the ideal holiday location for those seeking the ultimate experience, whether it is to do with the beach, nature trails, golf, shopping, water sports, motorsports, adventures, history, culture, or dining.

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