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Fairytale Villages Everyone Should Be Talking About!

But for some reason, we’re not – and that’s a huge bummer. The next time you think about getting away from your daily routine, replace the fast-paced cityscapes with something a bit more soothing. I’m sure you’ll appreciate waking up to a view full of nature’s best work than towering cement buildings. So, here are the 5 fairytale villages that you should look out for.

Now, before we start, I’d like to point out that if you happen to be interested in snatching a wallet-friendly holiday to one of these places, we’d be more than glad to help.

1) Hamnøy, Norway


We don’t trust anyone who doesn’t think this village deserves all the praise it gets. There’s nothing better than drumming to the serene rhythm of Hamnøy’s way of life. As one of the most adored and picturesque villages in all of Norway, Hamnøy is wildly enchanting. From the snow-tipped mountains and the gloomy grey skies to the chilled breath of the fierce ocean, it’s practically perfect in every way possible, which makes it one of the best fairytale villages you can visit.

Fairytale villages - Hamnøy, Norway

UK travel advice: good news! Quarantine-free holidays are a possibility in Norway, right now. So, there’s no reason for you to think twice about visiting the country.

2) Gasadalur, Faroe Islands, Denmark

Late-night drives by the glow of city lights, stepping it up under the twirling shimmer of a disco ball, going on endless foodscapes – these are all the ideal ways to spend a city break. But you want to know what’s better? Taking some time for yourself in Gasadalur!

I genuinely have no idea where to begin – the dramatic cliff-side scenery that looks like the perfect setting for the end of a movie? The dull gold light of the sun peeking through the clouds? Or the lowkey hypnotic & laid-back vibe of the place? Well, truth be told, I don’t really know. But if it’s one thing I know, it’s that Gasadalur is definitely one of the best fairytale villages to set your sights on.

Fairytale villages - Gasadalur Faroe Islands, Denmark

UK travel advice: unfortunately, we can’t promise quarantine-free holidays in Denmark as of right now. Things may change in 2021, though! If you’re interested in visiting the country, click here to stay updated.

3) Shirakawa-go, Japan

If you’re looking for fairytale villages, then the pastoral beauty of Shirakawa-go fits the bill perfectly. From walking through bridges above rushing rapids and witnessing thatch-roofed houses that gleam with rustic charm, there’s so much to admire.

What’s unique about this remote district is that it looks majestic through all four seasons. It is enchanting, whether set against the vibrant colours of spring and summer, surrounded by the autumn woods or peeking through a cloak of snow in winter. Shirakawa-go is the ideal place for you to absorb peace & let go of your monotonous routines.

Fairytale villages - Shirakawa-go, Japan

UK travel advice: quarantine-free holidays are not a possibility in Japan. The UK government is discouraging all but crucial travel to the country. However, the Japanese government is actively looking for ways to change this! Click here to stay updated about the current & future travel implications.

4) Hallstatt, Austria

Imagine living here. No, like for real, imagine waking up to the post-card perfect scenery of this quaint, yet vivacious village. In my opinion, visiting Hallstatt is your ticket to getting away from reality. But to be more specific, this fairytale village in Austria is everything right about the world packed into one single place.

The bordering mountains, the ruby red and vibrant yellow architecture, the mirroring lake, and the blooming nature are just some of the reason’s travellers have taken notice of Hallstatt. The village also hosts the usual wanderlust fuelers. That’s right, charming cafes connected to cobblestone streets, Alpine inns & ornate churches are a regular around here. So it isn’t that hard to see why it’s on our list of fairytale villages.

Fairytale villages - Hallstatt, Austria

UK travel advice: oh, great news! Quarantine-free holidays is now a possibility in Austria. As of the last update on the 7th of December 2020, UK citizens may enter Austria without the need for a COVID-19 test or quarantine. Maybe you should celebrate by booking a wallet-friendly holiday with us 😉

5) Wengen, Switzerland

Looks dope, doesn’t it? Well, you wouldn’t be the first to think that!
Switzerland really doesn’t play when it comes to outshining its neighbours. The alpine village of Wengen is the ideal fit for my list of fairytale villages

The wooden fences adorned with flowers, the Lauterbrunnen valley dappled with glimmers of life, the gift-wrapped mountain views – ugh, make it stop. There’s to way too much to admire. But no, let’s not stop. Why? Because this mountain village has so much more to offer. Crowned with seasonal glory, and eye-popping hiking trails, this mountain village is also the ideal start to an eventful journey. So, let’s stop wasting time, and collectively agree that this dreamland deserves to be on your list of places to visit.

Fairytale villages - Wengen, Switzerland

UK travel advice: well, would you look at that, more good news! That’s right, quarantine-free holidays are a possibility if you are a UK resident/have visited the UK in the past ten days.

That’s it from my list of fairytale villages for now! If you want to learn more about quarantine-free holidays and UK travel, make sure to stay updated with our newest articles.

Also, let me know your favourite place from this list, and I’ll give you a weird /fun fact about it.

Happy holidays & stay safe!


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