Everything You Need to Know About the Expo 2020!

Now, I know for a fact that we’re still about 10 months away from the main event, but can you blame me? I’m just trying to keep up with everything that’s whirling around this incredible spectacle. So, just to give you a preface of the Expo 2020, here’s a list down of the basics you’ll need to know — The Dubai Expo 2020, is a global exposition held in Dubai. The event is to be hosted from the 20th of October and run for almost six months in the hopes of adhering to the theme chosen this year — connecting minds, creating the future.

Now that the basics are over, let’s move on to what the more specific parts of the event entail. For starters, the event has seen up to 192 nations announce their participation, including the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia. Expo 2020 is also to be the eye of attraction for over a predicted 25 million visitors and is focused on strengthening the world in a firm knot of optimism.

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The event is as much a mystical dream as it sounds and is much more than your usual event because the Expo 2020 stands for a future where some of the world’s population doesn’t see clean water as an unattainable source of need, where there is pure air to breathe for all, where all women are empowered and educated, where natural resources are conserved for future generations and where no one has to go hungry.

But don’t worry, it’s not all about life-changing problems and universal unification, for those of you who may want to stick to the lighter side of the event, there are live music and dance shows,  art and poetry shows like you would see in a speakeasy, only, imagine it happening at a much greater scale and of course, how could I forget the one thing that’s bound to catch anyone’s eye, Food! The event is set to have more than 50 plus global cuisines at more than 200 outlets.

But that’s not all, one major reason the event is attracting visitors is because of its budget-friendly ticket prices! A single-day adult ticket will cost AED 120, which is much less than what was expected given the extent of what the event is offering. But all in all, it is hoped that the event will present a platform towards resonating with the leading problems of the world and bring forth a ubiquitous set of solutions that will shape a better future.

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