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England’s latest lockdown: can I still go on holiday?

From the 05th of November 2020 (Thursday), England will once again plunge itself into a lockdown. This attempt to keep medical and moral disaster at bay will last for four weeks, ending on the 2nd of December 2020. After which the restrictions are likely to be eased, and regions would go back to the tiered system. However, the question “can I still go on holiday?” remains.

Once announced by the prime minister, The news caused an understandable surge of confusion & chaos, as the month-long shutdown came with a few rules that put several holiday plans at risk. 

Echoes of “can I still go on holiday?” have flooded travel agencies and other holiday companies, as the once hopeful travellers, launch themselves into an abyss of confusion surrounding the condition of their getaways. 

If you are one of the many travellers asking the “can I still go on holiday?” then here is what you should know.

Can I still go on holiday?

Unfortunately, no. If you are from England, then you will not be able to go on holiday. Unsurprisingly, the government is discouraging all non-essential travel. People will be allowed to fly abroad for work, education or other legally permitted reasons., but only for those reasons. There will be no other exceptions. 

Can I still go on holiday

What if I already have a holiday booked?

Flexible cancellation policies have been adopted by almost every travel agency/company in the UK. 

During this time of unprecedented uncertainty, you should be able to take advantage of those policies! Therefore, based solely on what you want, you may either cancel your holiday (Some companies may even entitle you to a full refund if requested) or ask for an alternative travel date. 

Word of advice, don’t rush to cancel the holiday yourself, wait until your travel company cancels your trip or contacts you with your options or you risk invalidating your cancellation rights. 

Now that we’ve answered the “can I still go on holiday?” part, let’s move onto the next.

What if I am already on holiday?

If you are already on holiday, then you might as well make the best of it. As of right now, the government is not requiring people already on holiday to cut their trip short. This rule applies to those of you on domestic holidays in England as well. However, officials have noted that because of the more stringent restrictions, leisure venues will be closed from Thursday.

Can I still go on holiday

I have an overseas holiday booked to leave before Thursday. Am I still able to fly out?

Yes, You will be able to proceed with your holiday as planned. The lockdown will come into effect on Thursday, all trips planned prior should remain unaffected. However, your flight back to the UK might be affected. 

This is because officials only hope that the COVID-19 cases go down by the 2nd of December. Since the results are not set in stone, your flight’s schedule may not be either. But if the situation does continue to ease, then your homeward trip will be unaltered.

I need to fly abroad in November for a medical procedure. Will I be able to travel?

It is still unclear as to whether or not you will be able to fly abroad for medical reasons.

As previously mentioned, all that the government says is: “People cannot travel overseas or within the UK unless for work, education or other legally permitted reasons.

It adds: “A full set of exemptions will be set out in law.”

But not to worry, once the specific regulations become apparent, you might be able to go ahead with your appointment.

Finally, on behalf of Travel Center, stay safe

Can I still go on holiday


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