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Egypt uncover hidden treasures to invigorate tourism

After last year’s revolution, Egypt tourism has drastically hit hard as well as the overall economy of the country. However, Egypt plans to open hidden treasures for travellers. Travel to Egypt on our special cheap flights offers.
The Ministry of Antiquities has launched a project to unveil more pyramids and tombs for visitors.
Here is a glimpse of the newest attractions for visitors to Egypt:

The tomb of Merysankh is regarded as one of the best-preserved tombs in Egypt. The tomb will be open to the public after 25 years. It is noteworthy for its vivid colours of sculptures and inscriptions in the chamber.

Five more tombs of high priests will be open for public. These tombs have been buried under the desert sand for many decades.

Another amazing site that will be open to the public is an enormous underground temple. A temple where sacred bulls have been buried in granite and basalt sarcopahagi (stone coffins). Each weighs about 60 to 100 tons.

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