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Egypt’s national carrier, EgyptAir operates flights to Africa, Europe, and the Middle East as well as some Asian destinations and New York. It has been in operation since 1932, and a Holding Company since 2002. It has nine subsidiaries and is a member of both IATA and Star Alliance. It is also IOSA certified due to its high standards of safety. The airline offers its passengers extended services through Star Alliance lounges for comfort at its hub – Cairo International Airport – and non-stop flights to vacation and business hotspots daily around the world. It offers lie-flat beds in the Business Class and personal TV screens across the board in its newest aircraft. Passengers can use their mobiles and Wi-Fi internet on onboard, when flying on the new Airbus 330-300s. The EgyptAir fleet comprises of 80 aircraft reaching 81 worldwide destination cities in 53 countries in five continents. It has code share agreements with 18 airlines, offering passengers more choice.

Economy Class
  • The Economy class, known as Y Class, features seats with adjustable headrests and wide spaces between seats. The seats are comfortable and functional, with a pleasing aesthetic atmosphere. The airline does not provide inflight entertainment in the Y Class. Meals and drinks (non-alcoholic) are provided based on the duration of the flight. Given its country’s cultural background, EgyptAir provides halal food and does not serve alcohol. However, the food is excellent, varied, gastronomical treats for you to savour as you make your way to your next destination. Choose from many options, and enjoy some tasty meals in the air. Excellent luggage allowance on international flights make for an airline of choice for many passengers, who place comfort and ease of travel first on their list of expectations. You can carry up to 3 pieces, of 23kg each, if you hold a card from the airline. Hand luggage of 8kg is allowed. On domestic flights, you can carry 2 pieces. These generous luggage allowances will make your journey better and easier.

Business Class
  • EgyptAir’s spacious Business Class seats are a joy to travel in. The Business Class cabin features lie-flat beds and they have individual TV screens and recline 7.5 inches. There is so much space and you will be able to have a good night’s (or even day’s) rest on these seats that convert to beds. Movies are shown on individual TV screens, but are not always available as with on-demand entertainment systems. Snacks and drinks can be had throughout the length of your flight. The food offered on board the flight is generous, and tasty. Aesthetically pleasing as well as gastronomically pleasing, the food is prepared with great attention and care. You can choose from a wide variety of food options, from Eastern to Western. Whatever your choice, you will leave the aircraft sated and happy. The baggage allowance is generous, as you can carry up to 3 bags of 23kg each if you are a card-holder, with hand luggage of 8kg allowed. Please check with your agent for further information.

First Class
  • Enjoy maximum comfort on board EgyptAir, when you fly first class, while you reap the benefits of great prices on first class. EgyptAir makes first class luxury accessible to more people with great ticket prices. In the cabin, the seats are 62 inches apart allowing for greater privacy and comfort, and these seats have individual TV screens and reclines 14.5 inches at a 150-160 degrees of recline. The TVs are controlled electronically. F class, EgyptAir’s First Class, allows its passengers to carry 2 bags at 20-32kg per piece baggage allowances, and two pieces of carry-on luggage. Movies are not always available as on on-demand entertainment systems, so passengers will need to switch on the TV screens early on to watch the movies from the beginning. Snacks and drinks are available onboard. The food is amazing on EgyptAir, with great entrees and hors d’oeuvres including king prawns and smoked salmon. The main course that includes lamb chops, braised chicken, and vegetables surpass expectations, and will create magical memories in your mind.

  • Enjoy EgyptAir’s inflight magazine “Horus”. Some aircraft offer on-demand movies, while the older aircraft do not.

  • EgyptAir flies to 12 Egyptian cities, 19 African cities, 20 Middle Eastern destinations, 7 Asian cities, 21 European cities, and 2 cities in the Americas. On EgyptAir’s home soil, enjoy the historic Abu Simbel, the majestic Alexandria, the famous Luxor, and the beloved Port Said. Or, embark on a journey of discovery in the land of the ancient Pharos: visit a few tombs, discover hidden mysteries, or explore the country’s transition from land of majesty and sarcophaguses to a global, commercial, and international destination. Visit Sohag, Minia, Hurghada, and Aswan, to learn about this beautiful nation. If a more western historical perspective is your desire, fly to Athens in Greece, Budapest in Hungary, or Copenhagen in Denmark. If a more modern destination is your inclination, fly to Thailand or Hong Kong in Asia, or walk down the roads of Zurich or Stockholm in Europe. If deserts be your taste, make your way to Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates. Experience Accra in Ghana, Toronto in Canada, or Tripoli in Libya to broaden your horizons, and Lisbon in Portugal, Karachi in Pakistan, New York in America, and Helsinki in Finland to listen to the different sounds of your world’s heartbeat.

  • Egypt Air – Awards and Recognition

    Year 2011

    • Africa’s Leading Airline – Business Class

    Year 2005

    • North Africa’s Leading Airline

    Year 2004

    • North Africa’s Leading Airline

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