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Did you know this Iceland deal exists?

Did you know this Iceland deal exists?

…Not going to lie, it’s pretty life-changing.

Sounds like a marketing piece? No! Or, maybe it is, but isn’t that what it is about? Informing people where they can find peace? With this incredible Iceland deal, our client had one of the best experiences of her life, and you can too. Read through this quick story & see for yourself 😊

It’s not really my first time in Iceland, but it’s my first time visiting & exploring Iceland without having to worry about planning my itinerary, accommodation, or… COVID-19 travel restrictions! Thanks to Travel Center UK, Iceland is one of my most favourite destinations visited!

I had a journey to remember, because I knew what my holiday was going to be like, just as the team told me over our long call. I checked in at the 4-star Centerhotel Skjaldbreid, gorgeously located in the heart of Reykjavik and relaxed throughout the night!

The next few days unfolded smoothly as the itinerary promised to me in the deal. I was able to lose myself completely, relaxing to unmatchable sights of the city. Throughout the first day, I was able to explore Iceland’s landscape, its history, culture and, of course, people! I learned how truly ‘cool’ it was to live in Iceland, although it was only a short holiday. My unforgettable experiences were not encountered on the first day of exploring the city, but definitely, the day that followed.

The complimentary Sky Lagoon tour included in the deal was the cherry on top of an already great cake. I enjoyed every bit of my time spent at the Lagoon, and it stirred my wanderlust to encounter more of the geothermal experience in Iceland.

On my final day in Iceland, my heart was full of memories and contentment. I had no rush, no anxiety in preparing to leave or booking my return flight. Travel Center UK had made it all easy for me. Sometimes it’s not about throwing your money to enjoy what you love, but making sure you invest it in what’ll bring you true happiness! And I am still glad I chose to spend mine on this deal to Iceland. But hey, I am speaking from my happy experience, when are you going to encounter yours?


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