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Destinations You’ll love all throughout November!

With winters blue creeping up on almost everyone in Europe, it’s no doubt that some or rather most of you wish that summer lasted longer. But as most of Europe’s mainland shivers, all of the destinations in this list remain enviably mild. So, if you’re looking for a November where sunlight reigns and not the pelting cold, keep on reading!

1) Mauritius

Mark Twain once described Mauritius as heaven and we’re certainly not disagreeing. The island nation is home to some of the best beaches you could ever lay eyes upon, including long splendid shores and sapphire waters that are gently pierced by rays of sunlight. But the fact that does not do this nation justice is that travellers often crowd its beaches and leave without exploring most of the other elements it offers.

If you’re planning to visit this tropical sensation, be sure to wander about the streets of its vicinity because it’s the kind of place that rewards even the smallest attempts at exploration. For instance, you could visit its botanical gardens, plantation houses or discover the tragic tales of Le Morne Brabant, a site symbolising the pain and determination of many people who and I quote ‘chose the kiss of death over the chains of slavery’.

2) Rio de Janeiro

Just like the mellifluous harmony that beats throughout all of Rio de Janeiro, our hearts have not wavered from admiring the Brazilian city that has been the pivotal focus of countless places to visit lists (me included), what intrigues me and several others is how Rio has been the constant definition of felicity for travellers throughout all these years. Yes, it might not be that surprising when the city boasts a jubilant array of beaches, mountains and other monuments, but still, I’d personally like to explore all of Rio and find out whether all the hype is real. Wouldn’t you?

3) Dubai

Dubai… where do we begin, there’s so much for people to experience! Some might even say that the urban crossroads of this city are only meant for those who have a penchant for luxury, and in all honesty, that is true to a certain extent. Dubai has been a ravishing magnet of attraction for so many travellers who visit to fathom the city’s world-renowned amenities. The city beautifully encapsulates a fast-paced expanse of landmarks and has been the number one choice for travellers who feel the need to escape the wrath of Europe’s colder seasons and bask in all its privileges. But modern-day luxuries aren’t the only thing keeping Dubai on top of everyone’s choice hierarchy, the city also lets visitors explore the authenticity of its culture across Dubai Creek, where everything except glitzy shopping malls, towering skyscrapers and all other things related are at your disposal.

4) Istanbul 

Believe us when we say Istanbul is a tangle of perfection, because it is and that’s one thing almost everybody can agree on. Upon embracing its lands, you’ll come to focus on how the exotic city is blooming with festivities, full of architectural excellence, abundant in history and features a succulent cuisine featuring meals that are as diverse as its heritage. We would recommend you book early though; Istanbul is currently experiencing tourists more than its population rates so prices may go up if you wait too long.

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5) Marrakesh

Crowned in rustic glory and enriched by the opulence of its scenery, Marrakesh has been the place where travellers inevitably get their senses dazzled. From medieval mosques and picture-perfect courtyards to pleasantly hectic streets, Marrakesh has always been the astonishment travellers constantly search. In need of something a bit different? Then head down to Essaouira, a lively fishing town that brims with the refreshing change of pace you require. All in all, your time at Marrakesh is sure to be full of intoxicating sights and a million photo opportunities.     

But I would love to hear more from you, so feel free to sound off in the comments below! Let me know whether you’ve visited one of these destinations and also whether you liked it or if you have any other destination that you think would fit perfectly in this calibre. Also, don’t hesitate to check out our range of flight deals at Travel Center, get in contact with us for tailor-made deals and multi-centre holiday packages. All it takes is one call or an email and you can start planning your holiday with us at rates you’ll love. 

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