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Destination of the month: The Maldives

Life’s too brief to pretend the Maldives isn’t what every tourist dreams of witnessing! To be practical for a while, isn’t it clear that holidays to the Maldives are to the people who crave for the classic Instagram snap? To all the beachaholics and sunset lovers out there, this bunch of tiny eye-dropping coral isles in the Indian Ocean is just for you.

So, let’s jump into what you’re preparing yourself into! For example, it’s not all about innovative hotels and life-changing beach backdrops of the future, maybe it is *wink*. Apart from this magnificence, Maldives is a global hot-spot known for its peerless luxury, sentimental corners and white-sand beaches.

For the hyperactive club

That’s right, the Maldives, is definitely a tropical fragrance of solitude. It wouldn’t be a pick if it didn’t have a hype-rushing liveliness of activities for adventurers to make use of! The only relationship you’ll see is that every beach is a composition of white sun-lit shores, cyan-blue water and of course, a marine life that is nothing short of “Oh my God!”. So, to sum up, it’s no wonder that tourists like this country on their record of places to visit. I mean, wouldn’t you visit this paradise?

Just for the Maldives lovers!

  • The Maldives is the flattest country in the world with a ground-level average of just 4ft and 11 inches.
  • Of the 1,190 islands, only 200 are populated, while an extra 80 islands host private, luxury resorts. Other islands are too small to support life.
  • The ministry of the Maldives held an undersea meeting in 2009, presenting the Maldives the first country in the world to place a governmental meeting underwater.
  • The Maldives is one of the rare countries where Whale sharks can be spotted all year round. 
  • The sunrays in the Maldives strikes at a 90° angle since it’s along the equator.

The most anticipated dive of a lifetime

Trimmed by the suns smirk, the scuba life of Maldives is worth bragging about everywhere you go, it’s that fabulous. Among some of the world’s most high-grade diving and snorkelling spots at your end, there’s no end of describing the number of exceptional memories you’ll paddle into. Full of marine dominance, you’ll come by astonishing coral cliffs, majestic caverns and most importantly, the vibe of SpongeBob living under the sea!

Quarantine got no chill after all, but our blog does help you chill! Keep reading the freshest articles on our blog if you want the inside scoop on everything to do in this paradise bliss. Tourism will bounce back at the drop of a hat and so will Travel Center UK! 

Be Safe and Stay tuned!

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