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City guide to Kuwait

Kuwait City is the capital and largest city in Kuwait. It is the political, cultural, and economic center of Kuwait. Considered a global city, it is served by two seaports as well as an airport. The city itself has a history of more than 400 years, during which time it transformed from a small fishing town to a major trading port for the transit of goods between the Middle East and Asia. Kuwait City has a petroleum-based economy, where petroleum and fertilizers are the main export products. Kuwait City has a unique culture that has been lightly influenced by Arabic, Persian, Indian, and British cultures. Almost all local theatrical performances and soap operas are produced in Kuwait City.

Here are some of the top places to visit in Kuwait
  1. Kuwait Towers
  2. The Liberation Tower
  3. Dhow Harbour
  4. Doha Village in Kuwait
  5. Failaka Island
  6. Grand Mosque
  7. Green Island
  8. Swimming Pool Complex
  9. Seif Palace
  10. 360 Mall
Things to do in Kuwait
  1. Go Sightseeing Grand Mosque
  2. Go to the House of Mirrors
  3. Go Shopping at the Avenues
  4. Eat in a Traditional Souq
  5. Take a Break at the Al Kout Beach
  6. Go on a Desert Safari
  7. Explore the Kuwait National Museum
  8. Explore the Tarej Rajam Museum
  9. Visit the Scientific Center
  10. Take a look at the Kuwait Towers

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