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Choose the European way to your weekend travel!

After a busy week full of draining your batteries, what you need is a weekend travel idea that will end with a face full of smiles.

We’re about to dig into the endless options of how we’re going to help you make the most of your mini-break!

Would you sit by the beach with a cocktail in hand or go sightseeing to admire the historical gems of the world?

Let’s find out together!

If you are dreaming of Paris!

weekend travel

You’re in for a treat with all of the specialities Paris has to offer if you’re a fan of classical architecture and a lover of art! From Picturesque architecture to outstanding cuisine and voguish shopping, we’re about to kick start your weekend.

If you are thinking about the places to go for the weekend and Paris didn’t come into your mind, that’s a bummer!

With all of its attractions glamorously wrapped for you to explore, there’s so much to see. Some of them are The Eiffel Tower, the Moulin Rouge or the Louvre; you can start your Parisian adventure by choosing one of these and continue on your quest to find beauty in every corner of this city.

It’s also the perfect option if you are in the mood to discover some of its artistic wonders like the hip concept and homewares shops and creative wine bars; as we say, your options are endless in Paris!

Your Italian love story with Venice

weekend travel

The best places to go for the weekend? You’re about to write a magical story in Venice.

As the floating city presents its artful spectacles to you, make your way to explore it.

Why do we say it’s one of the best options for weekend trips in Europe?

The city is the perfect blend of ancient and modern architecture, and boasts an abundance of historical landmarks. You can explore its many art galleries or take a stroll through the city’s backstreets, which are lined with centuries-old churches and palazzos.

The Venetian architecture takes you a long way into a spiralling path filled with many things to see, like the Bridge of Sighs, Doges Palace or the iconic Ponte di Rialto. You can even take a gondola ride across the lagoon to visit the city’s famous landmarks, such as Saint Mark’s basilica or Giudecca Island.

Oh, we’re turning a colourful page in your Venice story now!

While you are there, take a boat trip to the Murano, Torcello & Burano Islands, as every side you turn is a colourful memory that you will cherish forever.

Experience the la bea vita (the beautiful life) in Venice! 

All the reasons to choose Budapest!

weekend travel

If you are dreaming about the best weekends away in Europe, then Budapest is the all-rounder you should consider being your partner in crime to have the best time.

It begins with dramatic historical sites that are a pleasure to the sight and ends with healing thermal waters that will relax your soul. So, what can you do in between?

Well, the options are infinite!

Budapest is filled with charming architecture and frequent festivals, so there’s always something new to see. With numerous world-class restaurants, along with its own unique music and arts scene, this city offers something for everyone.

Explore the treasure trove filled with experiences like the Fisherman’s Bastion, Flippermúzeum, St Stephen’s Basilica or the Margaret Island. All of these offer a unique way to see each side of this wonderful city.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer quiet sightseeing in the afternoons or a lively atmosphere in the night to start partying; Budapest welcomes you with open arms as it has everything you need.

Ready to see the Hungarian masterpiece? This is about to upgrade you from the average weekend travel!

Best weekends away in Europe? Copenhagen time!

weekend travel

Made by a multitude of cultural riches and a friendly street life filled with enchanting activities, that’s Copenhagen for you! Take a step forward for a journey of learning about Danish history and sights of grace.

Scandinavia’s most relaxed capital city should be the first thing you think of when planning weekend trips in Europe.

Experience the city’s culture at its best, from exploring the National Museum of Denmark to admiring the Danish history and culture. For some more adventurous side-trips, climb the Copenhagen Tower or visit Tivoli Gardens, home of the largest free-to-enter amusement park in Scandinavia.

Hold on; there’s many more!

Looking for boutiques, cafés, and restaurants, just to get a taste of the culinary powerhouse? The Strøget Shopping Mile should be your next stop.

If all of these combined isn’t your ideal weekends in Europe, we don’t know what is!

Question – Weekends in Europe? Answer – Prague!

weekend travel

We don’t call it the architectural goddess for nothing! as the view is decorated with captivating domed churches and towering old towers, Prague is something you would wish for in a heartbeat.

Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance and Art Nouveau styles are infused in every building you see, and it’s an artistic delight for anyone visiting.

Not just that, but hey, the beer is the best in Europe! That’s one more reason for me to visit Prague.

But we do have more reasons for you!

Visit the Wenceslas Square or the Clementinum and the National Library; if that’s not your thing, see a Performance at the National Theatre or stroll across Charles Bridge, but do lookout for some creepy stories as it is slightly haunted (ghost cops alert).

Get that tan in Barcelona!

weekend travel - Barcelona

It’s time for some sun in the stunning seaside city! Barcelona makes sure you leave with a tan and some happy memories by the waves.

But it’s not only about the beaches but also with breath-taking architecture and world-class dining that you make this mini-break one of the best weekends away in Europe. Ready to dive in?

Peak into the Roman-era Barcino as you stroll the city, admiring its historical beauty. If you love what you see, walk a little more to come across 14th-century cathedrals, pristine woodlands and gothic wonders that will mesmerise you.

There’s more for the people looking for some adrenaline rushing activities and a night to remember with a lot of brassy jazz involved. Yes, that’s right, Barcelona sparks up its nightlife game as the sun goes down. 

The perfect place for kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, or even just a swim to cool off. There’s no place better than with the waves!

The admirers of Mallorca

weekend travel - Mallorca

Looking to attract you with its sunny personality, don’t fall for it yet! Or do, for a weekend you will cherish on this Balearic island.

The island’s beaches are something to stop and stare at! As the sun shines on the glimmering blue water, it’s hard to stop yourself from diving in for a swim.

With many tricks up its sleeves besides the beaches to make you love your stay, its gothic castles and underground lakes are an added advantage.

Before beginning to admire the city, taste the Mediterranean Flavours that play a significant role in the dining stories of Mallorca.

Its attractions? There’s a list to follow!

Visit the Ruines Romanes de Pollentia and learn about the history or watch the sunset on your tour to the Cap Formentor. Oh, add in visiting Castell de Bellver and all the other things you will see in Mallorca; as we say, Mallorca’s specialities are countless!

And that’s your weekend travel sorted.

Places to go for the weekend? Reykjavik it is!

weekend travel - Reykjavik

Calling out all nature-lovers for a time of their life! One of your best weekends away in Europe is finally happening.

Pack your bags to admire Reykjavik’s godly phenomena.

With active volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, glaciers, ice fields, fjords, and the list goes on to create the fairy-tale landscapes that can be found everywhere around this destination. 

It’s also a tourist favourite with its abounding attractions!

Everything from Whale watching, Blue Lagoon, the Northern Lights and many more that await to call you into a world filled with the magic of nature.

If we’re stirring your curiosity, then it’s time to plan right away! 

Weekend trips in Europe seems like a success plan to us! You are about to experience the best weekends away in Europe with these destinations bejewelled on your bucket list for the weekends.

Take a moment to think and plan as your weekend travel list will decide your vibe for the week that comes after, and just to lend in an extra hand, take a look at this for some suggestions on the cheapest countries to travel in Europe this year. In the end, it’s all about the moments that made you smile and the ones that you will want to replay in your mind forever! 


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