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Cheapest & Expensive cities for Hotel Stays

According to the booking site, the cheapest cities for hotel stays are in Asia. Further reveals Cambodia and Vietnam topping as the world’s cheapest cities to stay in hotels whilst Rio de Janeiro and New York listed as the most expensive cities to stay in hotels. Cebu in Philippines enjoys the third place as the cheapest city.

Boasting the next Olympics 2016 venue as Rio de Janeiro has enticed for skyrocketing prices in accommodation.

However, while the United States enjoys rising hotels rates, Europe presents itself as more affordable in accommodation options. 19 out of 28 displays great deals and affordable rates for budget conscious travellers in Europe. Search and compare cheap flights with us

Following is a list of the top 10 cheapest and most expensive cities for accommodation options:

Cheapest Hotels

• Siem Reap, Cambodia
• Hanoi, Vietnam
• Cebu, Philippines
• Chiang Mai, Thailand
• Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
• Pattaya, Thailand
• Manila, Philippines
• Bangkok, Thailand
• Jakarta, Indonesia
• Phuket, Thailand

Most Expensive Hotels

• Rio de Janeiro
• New York
• Geneva
• Venice
• Boston
• Honolulu
• Paris
• Singapore
• London
• Perth


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