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Budapest – Thermal Springs

Many people might ask why visit Budapest? Well, certainly I can tell a number of reasons; including all I’ve experienced whilst my recent visit to Budapest. It was my summer holiday and I chose my beloved “Travel Center UK” team as my travelling companion.

I’m a big fan of the shower. Wherever I go, it’s on my priorities list. In this case, wouldn’t I praise an awesome bath? Out of all the attractions, the ancient ruins, and the grand architecture – I will definitely go with the bath. Budapest lies on more than 120 thermal springs. There are so many hot-spring spas, naming them all isn’t possible. Each of them serves a unique purpose to their guests.

Let me describe things from the beginning. I chose Aria Hotel for my stay in Budapest. I was delighted by the warm welcome. Wouldn’t you be happy to collect a Bottle of Champagne and a 2 for 1 voucher for Spa as welcome treats? Indefinitely, I was. And the most important entity to remember; it is a music themed hotel. A musician is dedicated to each and every room.

For breakfast, I wanted to taste some local foods. Before main meal, I was offered a soup. “Gulyás” also known as “Goulash” is a world-famous Hungarian traditional soup. It’s a combined meal of meat stews accompanied with noodles and vegetables and seasoned with paprika and few delish spices. That dish was simply superb! As the main dish, I had “Pörkölts”. A ragout made from mutton with onions and the legendary Hungarian paprika powder.

Budapest is one of the very few places where you can have the traditional Turkish baths. “Széchenyi Baths” has 15 natural spring-fed thermal pools. It’s one of Europe’s largest public baths and also the biggest medicinal bath as well. Since my trip was in summer, I was advised to bring two towels (not provided – can be bought in the lobby), flip-flops, a bottle of water and some sunscreen. Swimsuits are mandatory and swim caps are required too. Each pool has different temperatures. In between baths, I had showers to cool down myself. A cafeteria is also in place, where you can buy some snacks and sandwiches.

I spend three days on baths, as I badly wanted to relax my mind and revive my body from aches. Once I was resurrected from pains, on the 4th day morning I went on “Budapest Segway Sightseeing Tour”. It was one of the coolest ways to see the city. The guide had incredible knowledge about the city – I admired his love towards his motherland. I went on the 3-hour tour and it turned out to be my one of the best sightseeing experience so far.

“Fisherman’s Bastion” was my final destination. If any of you want to visit this place, remember – a camera is mandatory. If not you’ll regret those sensational moments.  The architectures were brilliant and breathtaking. Watching the sun setting and then the city lighting up in the dark were some precious memories to uphold. There’s more to check-out in Budapest. I’ve skipped few places but, I will return with another article.

As come the conclusion, let me thank again my travel buddies at “Travel Center UK”. Their dedication towards our needs is superb! Good job guys, I will definitely recommend you to my traveller friends – it’s a promise!

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