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Brexit consequences: Slight changes to the UK Passport.

Brexit consequences: Slight changes to the UK Passport.

The UK leaves the EU in three days with the beginning of a transition period last longing until December 2020. The transition period allows UK citizens to renew or update their travel documents without a hassle.

ABTA has been working with the European Union and the UK government to demonstrate the value of travelling to reduce unnecessary issues in the industry. According to Chief Executive, Mark Tanzer, ABTA issued a report in November evaluating the UK outbound travel industry’s contribution of £28bn to the UK economy and €37bn to the European economy. Their relationship also converges many jobs and businesses.

According to British Prime Minister Borris Johnson’s verbal statement “The New parliament will set out from constituencies that have never returned a Conservative MP for hundred years, and yes, they will have an overwhelming mandate from this election to get Brexit done, and we will honour that mandate by January 31st.”

With the upcoming Brexit, there will be unpredictable impressions that might cause on the EU trade agreements and relationship with the UK, but the Travelling will remain still during the transition period for its citizen’s convenience.

However, valid passports and EHIC cards will still be valid to be used by the same gates and immigration port of entry as before. However, travellers must renew their passports if there are less than six months left on it or the entry will be denied in most situations. Although, British citizens must be assured of the British Passport if it complies with the European Union’s Schengen Border Code.

To renew British Passports, usually, it takes about three days. Depending on your events, The UK government issued different services. The British citizens will be able to renew their passports online with payment of £75.50, or through a standard application payment of £85, and also another urgent service calls premium service charges £177.

There will be a slight difference in the design of the British Passport. According to the UK government, by mid-2020, all passports will be issued in blue, but if you renew your passport during this transition period, you will be issued either a blue or burgundy passport.

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