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Blissful Antigua & Barbuda in 7 days!

They say “Life is a beach” and in the Caribbean, this saying couldn’t be truer. Undeterred by their colonial heritage, Antigua and Barbuda are quintessentially Caribbean. Compassionate locals boasting about being able to hit a new beach each day throughout a year, the “Land of 365 beaches” has entrenched itself as a destination of class and preference among families, travellers, honeymooners, and even the most pre-eminent of celebrities, long for luxury holidays in this mere island.

With the ample number of beaches, there’s a lot of water-based activities to engage in Antigua escalating from swimming with stingrays to a romantic sunset catamaran tour or an enthralling jet-ski adventure. Once you etch the periphery of Antigua’s palpable artistic appeal, surely, you’ll stagger upon more alluring traits. Here you’ll be able to witness the prime breeding and nesting colony of the Magnificent Frigate Bird in the world. Reef-fringed Barbuda is one of the outclassed ecological secrets in the West Indies. Her rugged landscapes, splendid serene shores, salted lagoons and abundant wildlife may be a resource as treasured as its fisheries.

The land-lubbers can tour through St. John’s city (the capital of Antigua and Barbuda) and the UNESCO World Heritage site in English harbour along with a fascinating off-road safari to yield an incredible experience. A zip through the rainforest or an adorable heart-warming horseback ride would please your mind.

Fact: Located in the heart of the West Indian colony, about 1000 miles east of Jamaica and approximately 4090 miles from London, averages an eight-hour fifty-two-minute direct flight journey to the V.C Bird International Airport, Osbourn, Antigua. Antigua has an area of 108 square miles and the sister island Barbuda with 62 square miles.

Your 7-day odyssey!

Day 1 – Say hello to Paradise

What about lounging under the lush palm trees relishing the spark of the pinkie white stretches of silky sand, snorkelling under the turquoise blue waters with assured twilights and ravishing milieus? Any idea of savouring fresh lobsters at the beach bar while sipping rum cocktails nearby a pool? Spend your 1st day in the most emphatic way; tranquillizing your muscles and tanning your backs accompanied by world-class amenities at the Royalton Antigua resort & spa 5* multi-centre holiday destination. Just a 13km drive from the V.C Bird International airport, brace yourselves to feast in with the hotels’ exquisite Antiguan buffet and their delectable cocktails.

Day 2 – Discover the Nelson’s Dockyard and party at Shirley Heights

The island is ripe for the venture, though, and it would be a shame to spend the wholeness of your getaway under a sun umbrella. Equip up to take in the history at Nelson’s Dockyard. From the old cannon-topped frigates of the colonial British forces in the 1700s to the glittering silvery yachts that puff down from Freeman’s Bay today has been fluttering down the waters of Nelsons Dockyard. You can see the aged naval capstans lining the water’s edge with a huge anchor left over from the great English naval warships. Track along the hiking traces which consents you to enjoy the park’s natural beauty.

Tip: Nelson’s Dockyard is also home to the fabulous Seafood Friday’s event. Not to be missed for any discerning foodie!

Head onto Shirley heights, a restored military lookout, standing at 490ft gives you the best view in Antigua. No trip to Antigua is complete without a night watching the nightfall over the historic English Harbour whilst dancing to steel drum music, dining BBQ and drinking Cinnamon spiced rum. The Antiguans are the most content people you could ever walk in to, so tag along with a local and enlighten your nightlife.

Day 3- Legacy of the Devil’s Bridge

Self-possessed by limestone rock, the rugged terrain of Devil’s Bridge is the result of millions of years of erosion by the continuous onslaught of the Atlantic Ocean waves on the east coast of Antigua and is famed for the craggy appearance and dramatical swelling of waves. The Devils Bridge has many blowholes in the surrounding rocks erupting like geysers. No, don’t ask me how the bridge got her name, I’m leaving that for you to find out. The spot is also immersed in a lengthy haunting history, so the horror enthusiasts got something I guess.!

Day 4 – Go sweet at Betty’s Hope!

Being one of the primitive sugar plantations dating back to 1651, well-known as Betty’s hope, has the most impeccable fertile soil in Antigua. This stands as a reminder of the deep record of slave ownership by the Englishmen on the island. At present, one of the two sugar mill towers have been restored completely with sails. An on-site visitor’s centre showcases a collection of original tools used in the production process back then. Now I’ve got a slight feeling that you know this heritage landmark is well worth a visit, isn’t it?

Day 5 – Find new friends at Stingray city

Continually rated as one of the top things to do in Antigua, Stingray City will be the highlight of your vacation. Experience swimming and interacting with the rays while feeding and snorkelling with them. Be free enough to click some cuddly snaps featuring your newly found companions *wink*. A short speedboat ride whisks you to a shallow pool with a white sand bottom surrounded by some gorgeous coral reefs, which will surely make your camera tiring.  

Day 6 – A day with the “man-o-war” birds

A short boat trip through the sluggish Codrington Lagoon on untrodden Barbuda to reach the prime spot for seeking out the curious red-throated fliers that bellow and bulge with their weird and wonderful mating displays. This is the largest Frigate bird colony in the western hemisphere including a vast reserve of lush mangrove, mud swamps, brackish bayous and waterways. A comprehensive number of pelicans and sea birds are present here while the sublime landscapes mark the far end of the Codrington Lagoon National park.

Day 7- A shopping vibe before take-off

Distancing just 7km from the Royalton Antigua Resort and Spa 5*, Heritage Quay is the place to be when visiting Antigua’s capital city of St. John’s. Offering two floors of shopping, also known as the shopper’s paradise, provides an array of tax- and duty-free merchandise for you to cash in on amazing values and savings from retail prices of the UK.  Electronics, local music, cigars, liquors, fine crystals & china, designer clothing & footwear, swimwear, sporting equipment’s, fragrances, skincare cosmetics, fine jewellery, high-end watches and other souvenir items are just samples of the goods available.

Nibble, Sip & be jolly

From grilled barbecues and tamarind balls at the beach bar to the finest fish exclusively at the Royalton Resort and Spa 5*. Hang out at the resort and bite away from your all-inclusive breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets. Antigua and Barbuda aren’t just handsome tourist destinations, they are a melting pot of persuasion drawing people from all over the world. The Antiguan cuisine is mainly found on the spicy side. The locals often whirl around fresh seafood including red snapper, conch, mahi-mahi, shrimp and lobster, also you’ll also be able to sample French, Italian home-cooked, and American dishes alongside Caribbean fare, including the traditional fungi and pepper pot for which the island is famed.

Tip: Make sure you check out the tasty fare served by street vendors on your way too.

Travel information

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