Best Nightlife Cities in the U.S

If you are not one to go on a retreat and practice yoga all day long, and if you’d rather dance all night than fall asleep on the couch with Netflix asking you if you’re still watching, then look no further because we have highlighted the best nightlife cities in the USA. Keep reading to find out about what these destinations have to offer and don’t forget to keep an eye out for the most exclusive flight deals and promotions to these cities, only from Travel Center UK.

Los Angeles

You get everything you could possibly want in the Los Angeles nightlife world—celebrity spotting, amazing nightclubs, world-famous performers, great drinks, and more. Los Angeles has some of the best hip-hop clubs and the best rave clubs in the world. If you love electronica or hip hop, you’re going to be in heaven here. LA has a thriving party scene from underground techno shows in warehouses to midnight street festivals and Tuesday night raves.  Moreover, the LGBTQ nightlife here rivals or even exceeds Miami Beach. 

There are plenty of reasons why Los Angeles ranks high among both US cities with the best nightlife and international party cities. The lure of Hollywood and its celebrities keep Los Angeles on the top of the list of U.S. nightlife destinations.

Las Vegas

You know it’s the best place to make memories when the city’s slogan is “What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas.” The city is known for being sinfully wild, and for having nightclubs that go above and beyond what a typical club will do, there is an array of things for you to start comprehending.

Check out Casinos and spend your time checking out slot machines and playing poker, stay clear of gambling if it’s your first time and you’re not too familiar with how a casino works. You can also go to your favourite artists’ concerts and there are subculture-geared clubs of almost every flavour. That being said, it’s a bit harder to find where to go for an underground party here than it is in New York. However, with enough digging, even tourists can find a place they love.

New York City

What makes New York City’s’ nightlife so alluring is the fact that there is something for everyone there. If you want the super-elite nightclub experience, you can go to 1 Oak and if you want to meet someone new and you’re looking for a sensuous speakeasy you can go to Angel’s Share. Part of the reason why NYC has such a huge nightlife industry is that it’s often an oasis for more fringe-related nightlife sectors. Things like underground raves, hip hop ciphers, and speakeasies aren’t easy to find anywhere. Needless to say, New York City is definitely one of the world’s biggest cities with the best nightlife. After all, they don’t call it the city that never sleeps for no reason.

Miami Beach, Florida

It’s easy to see why Miami Beach often ends up ranking high among US cities with the best nightlife. This city has clubs on every street corner, with each club being more legendary than the last. This city definitely tends to lean more on the posh and decadent side, with many super-friendly LGBTQ clubs to choose from as well. If you’re looking to spot celebrities, drink bubbly at a hotel lounge, or just feel like you’re in the middle of a movie scene, this is where you need to go. From beach-side barbeques to shiny neon dance clubs that thrive all night long, Miami Beach has it all!

New Orleans

New Orleans has always been a party city, even in the 19th century. Music, great food, and cheap drinks are what this bayou-based city is known for. Unlike Miami, which is known for really emphasizing posh hotels and clubs, New Orleans is more or less known for being a casual party spot. 

This city has gained a lot of notoriety for being one of the few cities that has no last call laws. That means that you can order a beer at 6 AM and have no problem in most cases.  Though it’s really a year-round party town, no time is more insane at this city than Mardi Gras, when partying takes on its own life and evokes an expanse of euphoric memories for everyone involved. With jazz-soaked streets and hip-hop havens all over the city enjoying a renaissance, you are sure to fall in love with the energy that spirals in New Orleans.


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