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Beaches in Sri Lanka! A land like no other

Beaches in Sri Lanka! A land like no other

Who doesn’t opt for a relaxing vacation with a bit of sunbathing in breathtakingly peaceful backdrops of the beaches in Sri Lanka? Well, it’s sort of precise that Sri Lanka- the pearl of the Indian Ocean, is home to multiple of heavenly beaches.

The most appealing part of travelling to different beaches within the island is that all these beaches have exceptions and alluring contrasts. Moving on with the beaches in Sri Lanka, let us scroll down to take a look at the most wondrous beaches around the island.

The Hikkaduwa beach:

Photo by Andreas Krappweis from FreeImages

The Hikkaduwa beach is in the southern province of the country, mostly known for the coral gardens that were identified back in the 19 hundreds. Moreover, tours among the coral gardens have captured the eye of many travellers. To get closer to the coral gardens, the facility of underwater diving and snorkelling is available. Fear of diving? No worries! The non-divers can access the glass bottom boats and capture that perfect picture for the gram! Hikkaduwa got the most alluring traits of sandy shores on the island, making it one of the best beaches in Sri Lanka.

The Mirissa beach:

The Mirissa beach also in the southern province of the country. Some of the exciting activities that travellers often can take part are whale and dolphin watching, as Mirissa is one of the main spots within the island for it, having a fishing port too. Moreover, Mirissa got the best beach nightlife vibe in the country. Enjoy some quality cocktails dancing and singing all night amidst the vibrancy of the Mirissa beach. Mirissa is one of the breath-taking beaches in Sri Lanka where the night owls will have no boredom at all.

The Unawatuna beach:

Unawatuna beach of the Galle District is another excellent destination for coral gardens along with the palm trees, the golden sand and the clear turquoise water. Oh, the ones who fancy to lounge in the sand and have sun imprints in the body, Unawatuna has plenty of sunbeds available for rent, just for your sun-soaked happiness. Top-class hotels also have sun lounging facilities. If you opt to tan, Unawatuna beach tops the list of tan beaches in Sri Lanka.

Not only does Unawatuna is a place for relaxation, but it also has an area of the Sri Lankan Buddhist beliefs along with a pagoda which is on top of a mountain-like landscape where you can enjoy a mini hiking experience.

The Nilavali beach:

This beach rests in the north-western coast of the island. It is mostly famous for the pearl sands and the sun-assured coastline. When looking into the best times of the year to visit this beach, April and October are the most ideal, since the sun is at its extreme and is best for you to work on your body tans. Not only the body tans that you could work on, but there are also more adventurous spots that one would lookout. With the sun, comes the wind! Surfers get ready for the most astounding surfing and windsurfing experience in one of the unique beaches in Sri Lanka.

The Arugam Bay beach:

This beach is located on the south-east coast of the island and is a worldwide famous destination for surfing. Thereby, many competitions are held both the local and international level annually. Arugam Bay beach attracts many competitors and spectators worldwide. Throughout the island, this could be the most appealing and the ideal spot for water sports. Well not only that if anyone’s got a heart for underwater photography, but Arugam Bay will also have it covered. After all, the mentioned beaches of Sri Lanka are just a few of the best beaches in Sri Lanka, making the island the perfect beach holiday destination anywhere around the world. Well, pack your bags and get your swimwear ready and let Travel Center’s beach holiday deals do the rest!


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