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Austria’s lockdown, Asia’s current status & more travel updates!

Austria’s Lockdown

For a lot of us, it’s the end of 2021, but for Austria, it’s starting to look a lot like 2020 all over again. The country has become the first European nation to reimpose a national lockdown this winter, meaning tourism will be temporarily blocked.

However, there’s a silver lining to this unprecedented rule. According to a spokesperson for the country’s ministry of health, ski lifts will continue to operate for people who exercise on the slopes.

To be allowed in, they will have to either show proof of vaccination or a certificate of Covid recovery. The new rule also states that FFP2 masks are mandatory on the slopes.

According to several sources, Austria also plans to pioneer the “vaccinations are mandatory” rule – if brought into effect, it will become the first country in the continent to do so.

Austria’s neighbouring country, Germany is also facing the Covid surge. As a result, Munich’s Christmas Market has been cancelled for the second consecutive year. Berlin has also banned unvaccinated people from restaurants, bars & other entertainment venues. No immediate lockdown has been announced as of right now.

Good News for Asia!

This spring, India has rattled by a second Covid wave. However, it seems as if the worst has passed! The country currently has some of the lowest cases of Covid in the world, earning it a CDC Level 1 rating as a low-risk travel destination.

This Monday, India opened its borders & welcomed fully vaccinated foreign travellers on commercial flights for the first time since the beginning of Covid.

In more recent news, Cambodia has ended quarantine for vaccinated travellers, and the Philippines is set to reopen to travellers. A specific date is yet to be announced, but tourists can rest assured.

Local authorities in Thailand have also announced that Maya Bay, one of the country’s most show-stopping attractions, will reopen to tourists on January 1, 2022. The initial closure was not related to Covid, but the events of the last year did delay its reopening process.

Times Square to allow NYE Celebration

In case you missed it, NYC will once again welcome thousands of people with arms wide open to celebrate the New Year’s Eve ball drop tradition in Times Square. The announcement came directly from New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, and all you have to do to gain entry is show proof of vaccination against Covid-19.

What are your thoughts on Austria’s lockdown? Will you be visiting the Philippines, India or Cambodia anytime soon? Let us know in the comments below!

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