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Africa served on a platter: What food to expect on a Safari

Africa served on a platter: What food to expect on a Safari

The untamed wilderness, halcyon lands and modern cities, this is Africa! Just as the destination, you’ll find the same sumptuous variety in the food that is been served here. In Africa, you will find everything from international award-winning restaurants to appetising fusion food stirred up by Africa’s rich cultural heritage… and that’s without the mouth-watering local ingredients served in spectacular wilderness settings.

So, what can you expect to have on your plate when you are on safari?

Safari chefs take pride in themselves on serving brilliantly prepared food, every dish served in a remote location comes from a chef who had ample knowledge to order in the right ingredients. You can count on flavourful, healthy food prepared by expert culinarians and served with the warm hospitality that Africa has to offer. Here’s a peek at what you can expect on your plate while at on safari.

Delectable menus offered at lodges

‘The more remote the lodge: the simpler the menu, the more central the lodge: the more sophisticated the menu.’

Only some lodges offer a la carte dining – you’re much more likely to encounter generous buffets, platters of delicious homemade snacks and tea-time treats, and 3-course dinners.

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Delightful meals on mobile safaris

Mobile safaris are comprised of all the essential comforts and an added benefit of a camp that moves locations with you as you explore. These tented camps offer you much more exclusivity than most lodges do and provide you with a solid safari experience in Africa – a very modern take on the expeditions of adventurers of yesteryear. You can expect your cook to indulge your palate with delicious, well-cooked meals. 

Your plate will be filled with typical African favourites, lavish portions and scrumptious surprises, like freshly baked bread, all created in a novel kitchen in the bush and you would be able to experience it all with the special offers we have on board!

Here is some food that you can enjoy while on safari:


You can have starches such as fufu, ugali, pap, sadza or mealie meal – a stiff maize meal similar to thick polenta.


A variety of bread.

Vegetables: homegrown herbs similar to spinach, butternut squash.

A spread of fresh salads. (Though fresh lettuce and cucumber can be rare at times)

A variety of game is served, usually grilled medium-rare because the meat does dry out easily – for example gemsbok, springbok, impala, ostrich, kudu and warthog. (in case you are wondering and feeling guilty about eating game, don’t worry! The meat comes from farms and not the reserve you are visiting.

You can expect robust oxtail stews, lamb shanks in red wine, butter pastry meat pies, Cape Malay or Indian curries and plenty of heavy root vegetables.

Game birds such as guinea fowl and quail (Farmed)

Seafood – local fish, prawns and sometimes other shellfish.

Fine dining – some lodges of tasteful menus including dishes such as “crisp bass with porcini mushrooms and oxtail crust on wilted greens with red wine mushroom sauce”. If the idea of eating warmed canned beans at a fire leaves you fearful, you should consider a safari lodge for options like this.

Plenty of fresh-cut fruit.

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Local coffees

Rooibos (redbush) tea.

Gin & tonic – the most popular bush break drink.

Amarula – sweet, creamy liquor made from the Amarula fruit that elephants get drunk on. Take it with a shot of whisky to reduce the sweetness.

Witblits – a raw spirit that makers need a permit to distil.

Amarula – sweet, creamy liquor made from the Amarula fruit that elephants consume and gets drunk on. A tip, order it with a shot of whisky to reduce the sweetness and add a little warming jolt.


TIP: Do take precautions, as eating food you aren’t used to, especially while on anti-malaria tablets could cause upsets. Always get an appropriate prescription from your doctor for any potential stomach bugs, before you go on safari.

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