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ABTA revealed: 3.5 million Brits were on winter breaks without travel insurance

  • ABTA has warned travellers to have appropriate travel insurance in place
  • New data reveals that more than 200 Britons were injured over the past years
  • ABTA encourages holidaymakers to have a safety equipment in hand for winter sports

ABTA, the UK travel trade association for tour operators and travel agents revealed that around 3.5 million Brits, have taken winter holidays in the past years, without any travel insurance to cover themselves for risky winter sports activities like skiing and snowboarding.

According to data received from ABTA, it shows that more than 200 British holidaymakers were injured badly in the past ski season, due to collisions and falls on the slopes.

ABTA also highlighted the fact that these figures only represent those cases that have been reported to its members. The association believes that the total number of incidents might be much higher than they expected.

In addition to that ABTA highlighted most of the injuries were not reported only for skiing, several incidents from other adventurous activities like snowboarding, bum boarding and tobogganing were also reported.

Since the winter season is rapidly approaching with exciting and thrilling activities, ABTA urges British holidaymakers to have an appropriate travel insurance policy in place before planning a winter getaway to a foreign destination.

ABTA, Director of Destinations and Sustainability, Nikki White, stated: “Nearly a third of winter sports holidaymakers are heading out to the slopes without the appropriate travel insurance in place, putting themselves at risk of costly medical bills if they have an accident while abroad. “It’s really important that people take out an insurance policy that covers them for all the activities they plan to do on holiday, as well as getting themselves ski-fit beforehand, so they can focus on having an enjoyable and safe trip.”

ABTA also advises holidaymakers to be precautious and wear safety gadgets like helmets while taking part in winter sports activities to reduce the risk of injury. ABTA also urges travellers should always check for safety advice from ski resorts before taking any serious winter sports activities as when not to go off-piste, as well as avalanche risk levels. 

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