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A tribute to our heroes: NHS workers

A tribute to our heroes: NHS workers

The world as we know, is going through a drastic change due to the Covid 19 outbreak, with people around the world contained in their houses, on a quest to keep them and their loved ones out of harm’s way from the ongoing pandemic. But with all this, there is a group of people who put their life on the line as they commit to saving the lives of others, it’s non-other than our very own NHS workers! We have heard that not all heroes wear capes, but now we see in front of our own eyes that it is, in fact, true. Hats off to our brave NHS staff who deserve showers of praises and spirited Hi5’s for all the effort they put, in battling the virus which is taking over the nation. We all witnessed over the past few weeks, the NHS members going that extra mile with selfless deeds and acts of courage.

We have seen the extraordinary measures taken by the workers to stop the spread of the virus, and it is unlike anything we have ever seen before, the NHS workers prepare themselves by making the impossible, possible. Boosting the size of the hospital’s ICU units, patients will have their non-urgent surgeries cancelled, and freeing up single rooms to use as isolation facilities for Covid-19 patients.

The NHS workers face a psychological impact due to this pandemic. The frontline NHS staff are facing anomalous conditions to manage the ongoing Covid 19 outbreak, and these are likely to intensify and continue in the time to come.

These brave people are those who are on the front line putting up an enormous fight against the Coronavirus, for the sacrifices they make they truly deserve the highest of praises and the recognition as they are putting themselves in danger to shield us. So, it is our chance to give something back as they deserve the best one can give. And in response to that, we at Travel Center UK, have come up with a special NHS offer as a way to pay back, as a simple ‘Thank you’ which is simply not enough to express our gratitude. So here is a token of our appreciation – we would like to offer you £50 off for bookings over £500 & £100 off for bookings over £1000, on holidays between February and March 2021.

Just like you, we would also like to share this amazing NHS offer among other NHS families. Pass on the good news and keep doing what you do, because no matter how hard things get, just keep in mind that the sun shines brightly after any storm – so hang in there!

We know very well that you must be exhausted, but for a fact, we know that things will soon be back to normal… It would be the perfect time to utilize the NHS offer provided by Travel center for your next holiday! So, call us or email us and we will be more than happy to assist you.


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Andrea 15th May 2020 at 9:03 am

Salute to NHS workers!! we will always be grateful to them.

admin 1st June 2020 at 12:43 pm

Thanks for your respons. They They sure are true warriors!


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