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If you’re the kind of person, who likes to immerse in culture or maybe even get an impression of the locals, and how they live lives. There are many ways you can discover and learn about a particular destination through hands-on local experience. Discover the chances to travel and enjoy the authentic local culture, with a personal synergy with residents, valuing their heritage every perspective.

Tips for enjoying a ‘live like a local’ experience while travelling

If you want to turn your cookie-cutter vacation into something more interesting, you’ve got to explore the uniqueness of a specific destination, as they can offer an exceptional local experience when you travel beyond the typical tourist sites. Each destination is never the same, each one different to the other, diverse lifestyles, people and it always portrays a unique story. Read on about some tips you can use to go deeper into your holiday destination. 

Try out more local and authentic food

On a local experience, you will encounter never-ending possibilities to try authentic cuisine along with the locally used spices and flavour thrown into the meal with a lot of soul. Many locals are very hospitable and would not hesitate to invite you into their homes, and get an opportunity to learn how to cook local dishes yourself as well as helping you to find out about the best local street food dens. 

Travel beyond the famous sights

There are many popular tourist attractions, and then there are little destinations that are not so demanding. Areas blessed with spectacular nature and under-rated tourism. When you revel on a local experience going on the off-the-beaten-path, you will be able to discover places that only the locals know. When you connect with local people, you never know what you will come across.

Absorb the local culture

As you live in the local experience, you will find that the culture you immerse in is quite opulent. Participate in homely traditions and local festivals as well as education on all the customs that make each culture unique. The locals will be more than happy to answer any questions about the local culture or religion that will surely delight you.

Meet new people

As you’re on a local experience, you are bound to make new connections that will be stronger and discover that through these newfound friends will find the most engaging insights and learn what it’s like to live in a different country. 

Guaranteed satisfaction as you live like a local

With all the above combined, you will be satisfied with the result with a local experience that will leave you with a new perspective on life. 

Best’ Live Like a Local’ Experiences

There’s no better way for a local experience than with a taste of expression and mingling with the locals. From the way you travel to eating from street food joints to support the local economy, you will intensify with happiness and memories as you embrace the authentic essence of a country.


India is a truly magical place with grand churches, historical monoliths, and remarkable architecture; with the help of a local, you can discover the best spots the country has to offer. Enjoy the company of the locals and understand more about the history and culture of the country. Live your local experience through the fascinating stories. Hear some of the unique stories each one with a contrasting history.

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Sri lanka

Ready to relish the best of Sri Lankan flavour? Then a culinary tour with the locals will be ideal for you! Kickstart your foodie escapade at a local street market and be introduced to Sri Lanka’s cuisine. Enjoy your local experience with tasting the famous Sri Lankan hoppers, coconut roti accompanied with a spicy coconut sambol or even an authentic plate of rice and curry. After a hearty meal, sip on a strong cup of tea or chill with a local Lion lager.

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Travel to breathtaking Vietnam and let a local show you one of Vietnam’s several prized riches. Admire the limestone karsts and islets while you witness the fishermen lifestyle. Enjoy the advantage of having a local guide, and enjoy a relaxing journey on your local experience, admire the stunning scenery of the peaceful villages and watch the people carry on with there daily routines on the green fields. Partake in traditional events and get ready to witness the serene grace and breath-taking landscapes. If you’re inquisitive about why some of the famous cliffs have unique names? Your local guide will be happy to share the stories behind them.


Discover Croatia on your local experience and venture amidst the picturesque countryside and explore old traditions. Savour a breath-taking stroll with a local friend go through small alleys, and visit their museums and monuments. Taste some of the local drinks, perhaps quench your sweet cravings with some treats, and you could even try on a traditional costume. Experience a delectable authentic ‘peka’ lunch for a novel experience!


Join a local guide for a once in a lifetime local experience as you hike towards some of the rural spots in Indonesia and experience the natural side of it. Kickstart your day by and make your way to volcanic rocks as you hear all the myths and legends about the beautiful landscape and how it came to be. Call it a day as you end your hike with the stunning views of a magical sunset!

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