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7 Things Flight Crew Notice in 3 Seconds


Are You a Frequent Traveller? Or Travelling for the First Time?

No matter what it is, do you know that you are being WATCHED?

Ever wondered what the flight attendants might think of you as soon as you board in an aircraft? If you have thought about it at least once, it shows that you are aware about some uncommunicated airline protocols. Various informal discussions with experienced flight attendants and crew members reveal that in general, there are 7 aspects being noticed about you, irrespective of the class you travel in or the people that accompany you.

The flight attendants are well-aware that they are going to travel on the air, six to seven miles above the land and there is no way that they can get assistance from the land if any problem arises. They are expected to take all the necessary measure to protect themselves as well as the passengers. Do not think that the flight attendants only wait at the door to greet and thank you for travelling with them; they also assess you and sometimes notice certain qualities and aspects in you which might be helpful for them or a potential threat that they have to prevent.

And do you know that they are trained to notice such things within three to four seconds? Here are the 7 aspects that the flight crew notices as soon as you board an aircraft:

1.    Are you intoxicated?
Are you drunk or on drugs is the first aspect that is noticed in order to assess any potential safety and security issues. A drunk or a high passenger might be uncooperative and at times even be dangerous to the fellow passengers.

2.    Are you strong?
If you look physically fit and seem powerful and strong, you are noticed as to where you are seated by the flight attendants. They consider you as a resource in case of any emergency. In the event of any unfavourable circumstances or attack, the flight attendant might reach you out for some help, if you are willing.

3.    Are you sick, unhealthy or disabled?
If you look sick, you are more likely to be assessed further before boarding. The flight crew are instructed well on this regard. They consider whether there is any potential threat due to your sickness in an enclosed space where it might spread to other passengers too. Also the ground has more medical facilities compared to the plane that travels 35,000 feet above the ground. Flight attendants are well trained in basic first aid emergencies, CPR and Automated External Defibrillators. However, they cannot diagnose and to not have the expertise to treat certain sickness. Hence, they watch for any symptoms of sicknesses.
Also if you are disabled, you may be disqualified from sitting in the exit row where the passenger sitting there is expected to lift a heavy hatch which may weigh up to 60 pounds, or open a 100 hundred pounds heavy door in any emergency situation.

4.    Whether you speak English?
If you do not understand or speak English, the flight attendants will take extra care because you cannot understand any loud commands or instructions on how to open the exits in case of any emergencies.

5.    Whether you are an experienced aviation person?
If you are an airline employee, particularly a crew member who has been trained in the in-flight procedures, it is likely that you are noticed and remembered by the Flight Attendant. You will be considered as a resource for them in case of an emergency, let it be medical or mechanical since you know what needs to be done or to instruct the fellow passengers on the do’s and don’ts.

6.    Are you likely to cause a delay?
If you likely to cause any delays or inconveniences by trying to bring huge bags, you may approached by a flight attendant for some checking. Flight attendants are not allowed to carry or lift your baggage and they will only help to resolve such issues. The crew will not be paid until the boarding door is closed and they will make sure that there are no delays due to the passengers.

7.    Do you look suspicious?
In addition to all the above aspects, the flight attendants also scan you quickly to assess whether your behaviour is suspicious in order to prevent any unlikely events and unnecessary delays in boarding.

Know the 7 Things in Just 3 Seconds

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