7 Great Things to do in Las Vegas

The largest city in the U.S state of Nevada and the ultimate Entertainment Capital of the world is Las Vegas. The city is filled with world-class hotels, casino complexes, fancy clubs, concert venues and anything related to entertainment.  Visitors often get confused as to what should be on top of their bucket list when they are in the city of Las Vegas. The attractive infograhpics gives a brief glimpse of the seven most exciting things to do this entertainment capital. From gambling to partying, Dining to sight-seeing Vegas got it all!

Who would want to leave Vegas without experiencing a gambling session? First on the list –Enjoy and gamble your nights away at the most interesting Caesars Palace, Golden Nugget and Casino Royale. Some of the best poker games can be found at the Golden Nugget in Downtown where the residents shed their shirts in a pool area – definitely an exciting sight. Next, undoubtedly is getting into the party vibe with the wide collection of spirits from wine to tequila at the most amazing bars and pubs including Craftsteak, Isla and Aureole.

Visit the outstanding attractions in Vegas, most importantly the museums. The Atomic Testing Museum is certainly one of a kind attraction with cheesy exhibits and weapons. The Wynn Las Vegas resort is yet another Signature attraction in Vegas. Built so uniquely with the outside made of a hill and covered with trees and the inside with fancy spiral staircases, terraces and faux mountain. Hop on to one of the Deuces – a double decker bus that takes you through a sight-seeing ride around the city of Vegas at just $2-$5. With all those drinking, vivid partying and gambling, you need to cheer your soul with some of sinful food in Vegas. Chicken, ribs, yams, burgers, steaks and much more delicious food are served in some of the most extraordinary diners here in Vegas. Stroll through the Infographic to find out what you should not miss in this entertainment capital and make sure your trip to Las Vegas is definitely a memorable one!

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