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5 Places You Can Visit for a Digital Detox

If you feel a pit in your stomach form as your phone dies then it might be a good time for you to evaluate your stance on how dependent you are on technology to have a good time. I’ll admit, I’m most certainly not the person to tell someone to set their phones aside and go explore, I’m the exact opposite. I’m the kind of person to spend 4 hours straight watching serial killer documentaries and conspiracy theory videos on YouTube, so as hypocritical as this is, I think I could learn a thing or two about why it’s best to give up on social media and spend more time outside – away from the clutches of an almost unhealthy obsession with all things related to unsolved murders and conspiracies.

On a more serious note, I find it both understandable and contradictory that in a time where being connected is more important than ever, it is equally essential to disconnect with the bounding urges of social media and technology overall to try and reconnect with ourselves from within. So, if you feel like you spend way too much time on your devices and feel overwhelmed, tired or both because of this lifestyle, then keep on reading!

1. Cuba

Looking past the ecstatic beat of Havana’s pace, Cuba actually offers so much in terms of making your digital detox a roaring success. Now, rural usually consists of two definable aspects in Cuba, one of it might be the classic farmlands and villages while the other might include secluded jungles and slender cycle paths through the untamed expanse of its plantation fields, making it the perfect destination that helps one not only to reconnect with nature but also helps stay off the radar for a while.

2. China

In case you really want to take it a step up and literally block out social media, then China’s got your back! While being evidently more modern than Cuba, China raises the bar when it comes to making travellers awe-struck. With temple encrusted mountains, sublime lakes, emerald green forests and of course, the timeworn yet magnificent, great wall of China. But perhaps the best part about China is undoubtedly the panda sanctuaries, where you can not only look at pandas but feed and pet them as well! I’m not sure about full-on cuddling but if that’s not enough incentive to visit this country then I honestly don’t know what is. Because let’s be honest, happiness isn’t resonating with the pulse of a country’s culture, happiness is hugging a fluffy panda.

3. Peru

It might not be my first choice given that there are no pandas in Peru, but if you don’t plan on entertaining that sort of a first world problem then yes, Peru might be considered as one of the most ideal choices to visit on your quest of forgetting the manifestation of technology. With an abundance of unseen trails, Peru is the ultimate treat for those of you who have an open mind and a strong sense of curiosity. The South American country is a spectrum of things to see and do and it is, in fact, no doubt that travellers are smitten by what it has to offer! From Machu Picchu and the Nazca lines to some of the deepest canyons you could ever explore, Peru is definitely an unfiltered wonder!

4. Dominican Republic

Visiting the Dominican Republic is your chance to experience a holiday with heritage, not to mention witness its blissful coastline and wonder at the country’s evocative mountain scenery. With so much to offer, This Carribean odyssey truly is a gem in disguise, often overlooked by travellers due to Cuba’s popularity. But rest assured, if you get that ticket to the Dominican Republic, time is sure to fly with the expanse of everything it brings to the table.

5. Antigua and Barbuda 

The Splendid beaches of this country are just the beginning of what you’ll be experiencing! Antigua and Barbuda are known for being typically Caribbean and is often praised by visitors for the ample variety of water-based sports it provides and for all its other alluring traits. Wouldn’t you like to explore the tropical paradise and embrace what it holds? 

Error 404: happiness not found might be what you’re searching are turning up right now but trust me, it gets better and travelling could be just thing you need for a change of pace. Unless of course, your bank balance is as bad as mine

I would love to hear more from you, so feel free to sound off in the comments below! Let me know whether you’ve visited one of these destinations and also whether you think it’s important to take some time off social media and technology in general. Also, while you’re here, feel free to check out our range of flight deals at Travel Center, get in contact with us for tailor-made deals and multi-centre holiday packages. All it takes is one call or an email and you can start planning your holiday with us at rates you’ll love.

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