5 great reasons to visit Belgium

Even though it’s snuggled right in the center of Western Europe, Belgium is often shrugged off as a boring destination by many travellers. Belgium may be small but there’s definitely no dearth of things to do and see in this enchanting little country. Home to stunning landmarks, Belgium is a country that’s chock full of attractions and activities that is anything but boring. Here are five great reasons to add Belgium to your next travel itinerary:

1 – A foodie’s paradise

If you have an insatiable sweet tooth, then Belgium is the place to be as it is known as one of the chocolate capitals of the world. Home to a plethora of chocolate shops where you can indulge in the pleasures of Belgian chocolate, the country also has a number of interesting chocolate museums and even a chocolate academy. Then there’s the famous Belgian Waffle which is like a dream come true. Nothing quite beats a warm, gooey Belgian waffle smothered in chocolate. Belgium may be famous for its sweet treat but did you know that it’s also famous for its contributions to the vegetarian scene? The town of Ghent is one of the best veggie-friendly places and is home to some of the world’s finest vegetarian restaurants.

2 – Straight out of a fairy tale

Boasting of plenty of scenic beauty, the cities in Belgium flaunt stunning architecture while the smaller towns dotted around are home to quaint homes, charming waterways and bridges that look straight out of a fairytale. One such famous town in the country is picture-perfect Bruges with its quaint setting and serene canals that is reminiscent of Venice.

3- A treat for history buffs

Home to numerous significant historical landmarks, particularly those dating back to the World War, Belgium is the ideal place for history buffs to get lost in. The hauntingly beautiful battlefields of Flanders, including Ypres and Passchendaele are a must-visit and so are the striking and thought-provoking mass graveyards scattered across the countryside.  Belgium is also home several fascinating and unique museums that are well worth visiting.

4 – Blessed with the best of nature

Belgium is a treasure trove of natural beauty and is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. From the rolling hills, dense forests, stone villages and meandering streams of Ardensess to the enchanting beauty of the Halle’s Wood or Hallerbros with its springtime carpet of blooming bluebells, Belgium is truly a slice of paradise on earth. Then, there are the beaches in Belgium. With about 65 kilometres of wide, sandy beaches on the North Sea coast, Belgium’s coastline is lined with pretty promenades, stunning sand dunes and nature reserves and the land is speckled with beautiful coastal villages and vibrant cities.

5 – Shop till you drop

Belgium is the ultimate destination for retail therapy. Brussels offers limitless opportunities for luxury shopping and Antwerp, Belgium’s second largest city, is one of the fashion capitals of the world right up there with Milan, Paris and New York City. Antwerps is also the world’s diamond capital, so there are more reasons for shopaholics to explore this city. Whether you prefer a quiet time in the countryside or an exciting shopping spree in the city, Belgium is your ideal cheap weekend getaway, and with flights to Belgium easy to come by, now is your chance to experience the best of what Belgium has to offer.

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