5 Great Reasons to Visit Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a nation in South Asia, flanking the Bay of Bengal in the South, India in the West and North, and Myanmar in the Southeast. Even though off the frequented path by almost any measurement, Bangladesh is inhabited by welcoming residents and one of the most undervalued destinations in South Asia. Here are 5 great reasons to visit Bangladesh. 

The Matchless Pleasantness and Warmth of the Bangladeshi People.

Your initial opinion would no doubt focus on the unrelenting inquisitiveness and relentless eagerness of Bangladeshi natives, trailed by ensuing awareness into their unceasing friendliness and kindness towards overseas visitors.

Appreciate the Scenery.

Regardless of it being one of the most underprivileged nations in the world, Bangladesh could brag of the environmental charm. Virgin tropical forests with bamboo, orchids and water lilies, leopards and tigers, crocodiles and elephants, mongooses and pythons.


If you are a wildlife admirer, Bangladesh would not dissatisfy. When you are strolling down the pavement, you might spot a monkey strolling along next you, or on a wall over you.

Never-ending Tea Meadows and Some of the World’s Best Cuppas.

To locate a quiet, tranquil instant amongst the hectic countryside of Bangladesh, travel to the North-East to the tea estates. Ideally viewed on a hired bicycle (with a native associate and a friend for the company), these plantations cultivate some of the best teas you’ll ever try, even if you take your cup milky and additionally sweet, or black with a pinch of salt (as the tea plantation workers do). Choose amid ‘Little Darjeeling’ Srimangal, Sylhet in the Surma Valley or the Chittagong Hill Tracts to the South-East.

An Affluence of Constructed Heritage.

If you only want to stay in the metropolis, Old Dhaka would please you with her heritage spots and structural jewels. The 400-year-old metropolis might have lost a lot of its years-old constructions to progress, but there’s still lots to feast your eyes and camera lens on. 

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