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10 Ways on How to Save Money During COVID-19 for Future Trips

As we all get used to the “new normal,” many of us, including me, are looking forward to travelling post-COVID-19.

A survey done in mid-May found that seven in 10 people miss going on holidays, while half miss the preparation. Forty-five per cent predicted they’d take one road trip between mid-May, end of August, 20% expected to engage in air travel.

Since COVID-19 hit, we’ve all been held-up at home, and it has affected everyone’s finances and their future travel plans. With finances at its breaking point, it is vital that you keep your travel spirit alive, to keep you inspired.

So, here are ways to save money while you’re at home, so your travel till can have a stable income.

How to Save Money to Travel in the Future?

Begin a FUNDMYTRAVEL Campaign

For me, this is one of the simplest ways to save money for your future travel! You can easily share your efforts on social media platforms, making it easy to reach many people very fast.

Your fundraiser can also be personalized with videos or pictures to justify your reason for raising money to potential donors. Crafting a FundMyTravel campaign makes everything very clear; you can also offer donors something additional, like keepsakes from your travels.

How to Save Money During COVID-19 - Begin a FUNDMYTRAVEL Campaign

Plan a Pick-Up Bake Sale (or Drop-Off Later)

Try this saving tip so that you can travel: sell baked foods.You might have seen this conventional solution featured in many movies; trust me, it does work!

It doesn’t have to be only baked goods; you can do this for every kind of food you enjoy making. Leave them on your porch for pick-up, deliver them by leaving them on their porches, or get people to pre-order.

How to Save Money During COVID-19 - Plan a Pick-Up Bake Sale

Get an Online Garage Sale Going

There are many websites made just for this, or you can utilize Social Media.

This is one thing quarantine is useful for; it’s the perfect way for people to get rid of unwanted stuff. Other than just throwing them away, why not try and make some money out of it.

How to Save Money During COVID-19 - Get an Online Garage Sale Going

Do Some Online Teaching

It’s no excuse not to be productive and find online jobs just because you’re at home! There are many things you can do online, and during quarantine, the most popular subject to teach online is English. Plenty of language websites hire native speakers as teachers for the growing demand during this pandemic. But you can teach other subjects as well.

How to Save Money During COVID-19 - Do Some Online Teaching

Get an Online Auction Going

This trend was started years ago and showed that it could be very profitable and successful. The items on an online auction have to be in perfect condition, and you’ll need to verify it with pictures. Why will people even think of getting it without seeing it? You can sell vintage items and pieces of art!

How to Save Money During COVID-19 - Get an Online Auction Going

Start Freelancing

Now more than ever, people are online, which means that there’s a growth in online content creation. There are many video editing requests, online writing, digital art, and photos, which is sky-high. Freelancing doesn’t pay as much, but it can be an ideal way to save money for future travel.

How to Save Money During COVID-19 - Start Freelancing

Do Online Tutoring

With kids being at home these days’, parents are stressed out. By offering online tutoring, you can be the additional help that all parents need right now! Ask to assist their kids with their homework and secondary activities, virtually or in-person, based on your country’s current situation. Make it enjoyable for the kids to learn at home while providing parents a little time for themselves.

How to Save Money During COVID-19 - Do Online Tutoring

Stay Away from Online Shopping

Like an addiction for stay-at-home workers, this can ruin all your well-laid-out future travel plans. All you need to do is say no. Learn to be cautious so that you can be more attentive at what you do, and hold out against temptation. If you feel like shopping, throw yourself at once into an alternate activity like exercise (but only if it’s free). And make a promise to shop in your wardrobe for a month – while doing that, put some stuff on eBay.

How to Save Money During COVID-19 - Stay Away from Online Shopping

Substitute a Cancelled Trip with a New One

Trying to validate a new trip? How about that cancelled holiday? Or also that trip you temporarily thought about going on but didn’t finish booking? The plane tickets, the hotel, and that new swimsuit that you didn’t buy – all these funds can be put aside for your Trust me; it’s the correct thing to do.

How to Save Money During COVID-19 - Substitute a Cancelled Trip with a New One

Start Reading Audio Books, E-Books

Now’s the perfect time to listen to a podcast or start reading a great book. If your local library is closed, and purchasing books online makes you go broke, start embracing e-books or audiobooks. All types of complimentary audiobooks or e-books can be found – from travel stories to classics – without worrying about late charges.

How to Save Money During COVID-19 - Start Reading Audio Books or E-Books

To keep your future travel plans alive during the pandemic, there are plenty of tricks on how to save money. Just because we’re stuck at home, it doesn’t mean you can’t invent methods to get yourself ready for travelling post-covid-19.

Your future travel plans need to go on, and so should your life!

Soon, there will be no travel restrictions, no need for face masks, and social distancing. It is suggested that you take advantage of this time now to use these simple ways to save money.

So, comment below and let us know what you think? Have you tried any of these saving tips? And, keep in mind that wherever you want to travel to in the future, travel safely and sensibly this season.

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