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10 things to do in Bahrain

10 things to do in Bahrain

Bahrain, derived from the two Arabic words -thnain Bahr- meaning ‘two seas’, referred to the presence of freshwater springs under the seabed. Considered an island country laid along the Gulf of Persia, this Gulf state is flanked by the Qatar peninsula and the north-eastern shores of Saudi Arabia. Bahrain is an archipelago of 33 islands and a couple of man-made ones. Bahrain has been recognised as the fastest-growing economy of the Arab world while Manama, the capital of Bahrain is also a rapidly growing financial centre of the world, so no disbelief that they attract numerous international trademarks and events.

They have a dominant market for natural pearls while people from all over the world visit Bahrain just for these beauties. Famed for her world heritage sites, oil fields, shopping malls, towering skyscrapers and genuine beaches, Bahrain is a promising country for a decent vacation. The chill pubs, cafes and restaurants alongside the amiable and down to earth locals add colour to the attractions of Bahrain. Bahrain has an arid climate with tremendously hot and humid summers while the winters are mild and clear.

Bahrain and her decuple of events

Pearl is yours!

No doubt about the excitement you get when you dive through the warm waters of the gulf and eventually find your desired gem inside a glistening oyster shell. Bahrain has a long pearling history and was once the centre of the global pearling industry. Today you can relive this history and cool off from the heat by joining a pearl diving tour: you’ll comb the seabed with help from the experts. The interesting part is that any pearl you find is yours forever

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Adrenalize at the Bahrain CircuitMarch 22nd

The Bahrain International Circuit (BIC), referred to as the ‘home of motorsport in the middle east’ is the 1st of its kind. The Gulf Air sponsored, Bahrain Formula one is the 1st Grand Prix in the middle east which took place at the Sakhir desert. You can enjoy exclusive benefits including meet-and-greets with some big names, pit lane walks and even a guided tour around the track. 

No formula one? No problem. You get to drive around the track with a 3-seater ‘Dragster Xperience’. Oh! You can try karting around the brand-new Karting Circuit which also includes the new Land Rover dune-bashing track too. The BIC is now open for business all 365 days, and be ever ready for the most anticipated time of your life once you visit the circuit.

History at Qal’at al-Bahrain

A dramatic 16th-century site built by the Portuguese, also known as the Bahrain Fort, Qal’ at al-Bahrain is the capital of Dilmun and an ancient harbour. It was named a UNESCO world heritage site in Bahrain back in 2005. It’s the most important archaeological site in the country. The Bahrain Fort has a site museum along with an audio guide including five exhibition halls with over 500 exhibits to stare upon.

Once the floodlights are on, you’ll be amazed to see the most scenic view of the Qal’ at al-Bahrain’s ancient arches gleam in gold when the nightfall.

Block 338 is ready to appetite you!

Bahrain has a thriving café and restaurant culture. Block 338, Adliya is a charming bohemian quarter crammed up with international restaurants, cafes and small boutiques. It’s also known as the best district for dining. Many of the restaurants’ host live music and dancing events on different nights each week, and don’t forget to ask your waiter ‘’what’s on?’’ while you dine out. Adliya also has exhibition centres and private art galleries with handy exhibits of Bahrain’s emerging artists.

Island hopping in the Gulf islands

Bahrain is the only island destination in the Middle East, so better hop on for a fancy boat ride and start exploring the islands in the kingdom of Bahrain. Visit the Al Dar Islands, a group of beach resorts in the archipelago of Bahrain having a wide range of water sports for you to try. Head on to the Jarada Island to feel the pleasing breeze in a purely natural paradise. Peek into Hawar Islands and look out for the cuties of the marine world. The dolphins play in the calm Gulf waters while the busy flamingos stalk through the shallow salty waters. Who doesn’t love dolphins, isn’t it?

Haggle for souvenirs in a traditional souq

Bahrain has several traditional souqs that are perfect places to pick up souvenirs. Bab el-Bahrain souq and the Manama souq, are the largest souqs located towards the centre of Manama. A trip to Bahrain is incomplete without wandering through one of the traditional souqs. Breath in the aroma of spices haggling with local traders, pick up your electronic goods and favourite shisha pipes. An evening or a weekend walk through the bustling streets of a market will evoke the atmosphere of an ancient souk. Oh! And make sure to try some local delicacies at the Muharraq souk just steps away from the capital.

Saddle up on a horse!

Saddle up on a beautiful Arabian horse for an unforgettable Bahraini experience. Enjoy the mild temperatures on a morning horseback ride across the desert and avoid the mid-day overcast. You will be taken on a stallion suiting your level of experience for an hour guided desert trail with views of the UNESCO-listed Bahrain Fort. Natural lighting for photography and the perfect time to capture the break of dawn are the perks of early departure. Roam around the tranquil coastlines of Bahrain before heading back to the stables.

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The Old Houses of Muharraq

Just one bridge away from the capital, Muharraq is home for the pearling trail, the country’s second UNESCO World Heritage site as on 2012. Tourists can embark upon a fascinating journey through the country’s pearl trading history visiting the old houses such as Al-Jalahma house and the Al-Ghus house. The site has a collection of listed buildings, a palace, a mosque and old merchant houses, each one an opulent example of Arabic architecture.

Fancy your water sport skills!

Bahrain’s climate is ideal for water sports enabling enthusiasts to enjoy their hobbies all year round. Their beaches and yacht clubs offer an array of water sports such as windsurfing, parasailing, kitesurfing, paddle-boarding, scuba diving, snorkelling, water skiing and jet skiing. Amwaj islands offer an oasis of relaxation, inspiration and calmness with a variety of recreational events to invigorate the body and mind. You can also paddle around the islands in a kayak or canoe, or take a boat from Amwaj Marina to enjoy a picnic out on the crystal-clear waters. 

History at the Bahrain National Museum

Opened in 1988, the museum was specially built to display the artefacts identified in Bahrain to preserve the nation’s heritage. The story of Bahrain’s heritage is excellently preserved, taking the visitors on a 4000-year journey through its majestic halls. Across nine halls you can find out about customs, traditions, art, burial mounds and ancient documents with brilliant labels in Arabic and English. 

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