06 Things to do in Amsterdam

Escape reality and enjoy basking in the bliss of Amsterdam’s heavenly canals, historic museums, and its hyperactive streets. Get ready to see an intertwine of the glorious past and the fortunes of modern times. The bustling capital of Netherlands is sure to be the highlight of your holiday if you intend on visiting it, we definitely recommend it.

Keep reading to find out about the 10 things you should absolutely do when you’re visiting this sensational treat that ceases to impress you at every corner. After all, this is one of the chances you’ll have to make use of, to break free from the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary.

Visit the famous museums of Amsterdam

Explore Rijksmuseum, a Dutch national museum that boasts a magnanimous array of history and art embedded within the times of Amsterdam. You can’t take a step without bumping into a masterpiece from the years 1200–2000 that helps you explore the past. This extensive museum is also situated next to the Van Gogh museum, an absolute treat for history lovers and a dreary day for history haters await!

Visit the ‘I am Amsterdam’ sign

If you visited Amsterdam and didn’t get a picture of yourself with the ‘ I am Amsterdam’ sign, then did you even visit Amsterdam in the first place? The sign is one of many other major tourist attractions in Amsterdam and you should definitely get a glimpse of it. Word of advice, try to head out early, many tourists underestimate the number of people who visit the landmark and often fall prey to huge queues.

Visit the Anne Frank House

Pay your respects at the Anne Frank house, one of the most moving museums you can go to. There’s not a day that goes by without visitors walking through the hiding place of the young girl and her diary, a place where she spent more than 2 years hiding from the Nazis, and a place where the 15-year-old diarist endured one of the most difficult times in all of history.

Go on a canal cruise

The canals of Amsterdam are truly one the most peaceful additions to the bustling city, enjoy a cruise along the gentle waters of Amsterdam and revel at the sight of its beauty that surrounds you.  Your canal cruise ensures one stunning panorama after another and also comprises of many other things that may catch your eye, for instance, you could have a candlelit dinner on the cruise or even be a part of the cruise where passengers are encouraged to fish for discarded plastic.

Rent a bike

It’s great to experience Amsterdam as the locals do, on a bike. The city is awash with good cycle paths and some great routes, and it’s well worth heading out to outlying districts, such as Noord, Oost, Zuid, and West. Each has a completely different vibe to the centre, and their own cultural attractions and highlights.

Enjoy the Fringe Festival

From the 7th of September till the 17th of September, the Amsterdam Fringe Festival brings theatre and dance by up-coming actors, dancers, and filmmakers, to more than 30 venues across Amsterdam. The festival opens up space for those with an independent spirit, on a quest for their own artistic freedom.

Don’t fear if you don’t speak Dutch. There’s an extensive English and ‘Language No Problem’ program, so you’ll be able to enjoy what’s on offer, whatever language you speak.

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