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05 do’s and don’ts in the City of Love

Wherever you go, go with all your heart. Especially Paris, an exceptional masterpiece of passion and love. Listen to the melody of desire and dignity that strums through the streets of the City as you walk, relishing the beauty of simplicity that exists all around you.

A place as aesthetically alluring as Paris deserves your undivided attention, and that’s why I have listed down the 05 Do’s and Don’ts in Paris to make your path to romance even more of an addicting memory, keep reading and make sure to check out the newest promotions and exclusive deals to Paris only from Travel Center UK.

1. Visit The Louvre

Gaze upon the most artistic creations that have caught the eye of countless souls, visit the palace of French kings to admire some of the world-renowned pieces of art, such as the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci and the Vénus de Milo. But that’s not all! Countless paintings that depict various elements of life await your admiration as well! Some paintings depict the meaning of life and how it blossoms into an overall lesson of hope and love in the end while some paintings represent the raft of destruction and how we are all trapped in a trance fighting the inevitable. But you don’t have to believe all of that, the paintings are open-ended because no one is the same, we have different aspirations and intentions huddled within our hearts and so we interpret the meaning of each painting differently from one another.

2. Explore The Catacombs

Just because it’s one of the top tourist attractions in France doesn’t mean it should be an elegant landmark filled with the joyful laughter of people. The Catacombs are the exact opposite of everything you would expect in a well-known tourist area, visit the immense underground empire of the dead and explore the dimly lit tunnels that spark a sense of horror with every step you take. This dark domain is known for many of its decorations within the tomb that are built from actual human bones which are apparently more than 200 years old. The Catacombs are sure to be goosebump worthy and is known for its extensively eerie atmosphere that visitors are surrounded by.

3. Climb The Steps Of Sacré-Coeur

Embrace Sacré-Coeur, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris. This vivacious vision stands atop the hillock of Montmartre and  has a deep level of catholic history embedded within it, the roman catholic church is not only a monument of religious devotion but also a political one as the site has been around since the French revolution, step into the tremendous church and pray, surrounded by the candles of will and hope lit by millions of others and catch a glance of the rare illustrations of Jesus Christ that no other church has. But that’s not the only the attraction the monument offers if you climb to the top of the dome, a breathtaking view awaits; look down on the city from the north and the west and gape at its majestic beauty.

4. The Symbol Of Love Awaits

You can’t have the perfect itinerary without visiting the Eiffel tower, it is one of the most recognisable structures in the world and is sure to give you the life changing experience you deserve. Make sure you go up to the summit and get a look at the amazing view in front of you and once you do get the visionary blessing, you can check out the amazing restaurants that have delicately crafted the most sumptuous food you could be served, enjoy the grand scope of the French cuisine and let your taste buds be satisfied with the range of flavours with each bite you savour.

5. Visit The Scenic Seine

full of beauty and tranquility the Seine in Paris is a must-visit tourist attraction along with many of its other famous landmarks, be   sure to take a river cruise through the majestic river and sense the eternal vibrations of composure, the Seine River has been a UNESCO  World Heritage Site Since 1991 and the mere sight of it is enough to your breath away (in a good way)

Follow these tips and you are sure to have an eventful itinerary. Of course, don’t forget to check out some of the other landmarks in Paris such as Arc de Triomphe and the Pantheon, Reach the top of these two monuments in addition to the Eiffel and Sacré-Coeur and you bracket the heart of La Ville Lumière, the city of lights.

6. Don’t Visit Usual Fast Food Chains

Try not to visit the generic fast-food chains you usually do back home, its Paris so try something new apart from the ordinary. Try the famous Ratatouille, a Croissant or a Macaron. Anything except MacDonald’s or KFC. Keep in mind that You also cannot expect a greasy breakfast that consists of burgers and bacon, Parisians like to indulge in a light hearted meal in the morning and make up for it with their lunch and dinner.

7. Try Not To Speak Louder

Parisians are very well behaved and don’t necessarily speak in large volumes than they need to, so make sure you’re on an acceptable level of behavior while you’re in places like restaurants and cafes. Try to speak French as well, even if it is just a few words; Parisians tend to appreciate a simple bonjour, au revoir and a merci because good behavior can go a long way.

8. Never Expect Things to be Open on Sundays

The French are well known for keeping “family time” intact and Sundays is the day when people get to see their family. Its also because the government has not allowed all shops in all places to be open on Sundays (although that is slowly changing) and so, you won’t find too many places open on Sundays. So, make sure to plan ahead.

9. Don’t Forget That The Best Way To Get Around Is The Metro

Walk or take the métro. Paris is a compact city, about 6 miles across, and no building in Paris is more than a few hundred yards from a Metro stop. In Paris, cabs are expensive – you pay by distance and the amount of time in the cab. So, if you’re stuck in a traffic jam with the meter running, the cost of a short trip can be astronomical! And hang onto your ticket until you leave your station. You could be checked by the police and fined if you don’t have your ticket stub.

10. Don’t Speak To Anyone Who Seems Fishy

If you’re sitting on a bench at Notre Dame and someone comes up to you asking for donation money or for you to “sign a petition,” just ignore them because they’re just trying to get your money. They’ll usually be holding a clip board and will walk in groups of two or three. These people are harmless if you don’t talk to them.

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